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Freshly baked Challah are now available on a weekly basis. 

Challah must be ordered by Wednesday Night. Challah will be ready for pick up, at Chabad, each Friday from 8am - 1 hour before Shabbat.

Miriam Esther's  Challah Menu
Plain Challah: $10.00 - (in comments write if you'd like sesame seeds or not)
Vanilla Streusel Challah: $10.00
Cinnamon Streusel Challah: $10.00
Cinnamon Raisin Challah: $10.00
Chocolate Babka Challah: $12.00

Cinnamon Babka Challah: $12.00 
Everything Topped Challah: $10.00
Zahtar Topped Challah: $10.00
Onion Filled and Topped Challah: $12.00

Proceeds from Miriam Esther's Challah benefit Chabad of Knoxville. If there is a type of Challah you'd like us to try let us know! You can also place an order by emailing Miriam Esther [email protected] 
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