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Currently, there is no Mikvah Knoxville, TN. However, Chabad of Knoxville acquired a property that will G‑d willing house the future Mikvah. To be a part of this special project, please contact Rabbi Yossi Wilhelm at

The closest Mikvah now is in Chattanooga, TN about 90 miles south of Knoxville. Click here for directions.


Name: Mikvah Beth Sholom Cong.
Address: 20 Pisgah Avenue
City: Chattanooga
State/Province: TN
Postal Code: 37411
Country: USA
Shul/Org. Affiliation: Beth Sholom Cong.
Mikvah Attendent: Rebbetzin Hyman
Schedule: By Appointment Only
Mikvah Tel: 423.894.0801
Mikvah Type: Side by Side

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